Thankyou Augusta | Season 2018

Augusta we would like to thank you for yet another incredible season as we celebrate what has been our best season in Augusta yet! Wonderful weather, thousands of healthy whales and of course our brilliant guests and locals whose happy smiles and passion for the whales who visit Flinders Bay is inspiring. Beginning in late May we sighted the epic northern Humpback migration as record breaking numbers moved through Flinders Bay with anywhere from 30-150 Humpbacks sighted per day, everyday until mid July. Our Southern Right Whales then arrived and took over the bay as usual from mid July onwards with their social encounters and spectacular breaching displays. Newborn calves including the famous Stacka continue to improve the Australian Southern Right Whale population and this season we also sighted a high level of courtship/mating Southern Right Whale pods when compared to previous seasons which is very rare to sight and means many more babies in 2019!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse kept a watchful eye over us throughout the season and special encounters included six breaches in under sixty seconds, an incredible survival of one very tough Bottlenose Dolphin who survived a shark attack and continues to heal, little Sunny the calf and his mum Spirit (mum was proudly named Spirit by the Augusta Primary School Children) who created one of the most incredible interactions we have ever had as she used our vessel to help save her calf and now both are a global sensation with their story being shared around the world. A brand new dolphin calf for the local pod was also born this year and has already made friends with the visiting whales while intense rainbows and white flukes added an incredible touch of colour to our season.

We are truly blessed as Western Australians to have a treasure in the magnificent Augusta, she has welcomed millions of whales and provides shelter through the storm to those who need it most. A unique and precious place that we must always protect and ensure that one of the most important home away from homes for our migrating whales always remains that way for them and for the people who love them the most, the whale guardians of the world. We are always grateful for the opportunity and responsibility we have at Whale Watch Western Australia to bring you to their world and teach you the Language of the Whales™ and we are already counting down the days to season 2019!❤️