The Apex Predators of Bremer Bay

Whale Watch Western Australia met the apex predators of Bremer Bay today as we travelled with both Orca and an enormous bull Sperm Whale. The Orca were travelling together and the mothers and calves of Noosa’s pod seemed at ease in the beautiful conditions today when suddenly a sound to our right and as we looked to our starboard side we noticed the muffled blow and steel grey shadow of the largest toothed predator on the planet… the Sperm Whale! He was huge and as each exhalation could be heard we watched his wrinkly skin and also the loose pieces that were peeling away. The enormity of a Sperm Whale is sometimes hard to fathom when you understand that an individual of 14-18 metres, weighing in at over 5o tonnes and diving at depths of over 1,000 metres for 60 minutes or more is only a few meters away from you, what a privilege! These particular male was very relaxed and after his 36 exhalations/inhalations we watched as his peduncle arched and the magnificent fluke was gracefully lifted high where it stopped momentarily before gently sinking back down and to the depths of the canyon. Mesmerised we were but it was time to catch up with the Orca and continue our day with them as the apex predator of our oceans and their family unit marched. The little ones were playful and the young male known as Wonks took the opportunity to practice his hunting tactics as he grabbed a Lions Mane Jellyfish in front of our bow and shook his head from side to side. A very special day to enjoy the company of the apex predators of Bremer Bay in their domain.

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