The Art Of Whale Watching

The art of Whale Watching is a fascinating process that our Pod members onboard can observe during each tour and learn how to read the Language of the Whales. It was another beautiful spring morning as we departed to enjoy the calm conditions and began our search for the southbound Humpback Whales. A tail lob just ahead followed by repetitive, voluminous exhalations indicated a pod was on the move and we watched carefully for that next resurfacing. It was a very long down time as these two whales kept a low profile and during that time swam a surprising long distance. Powering into the resting ground these two whales were on a mission as they covered ground efficiently. A mother and her calf were quietly resting close by and we noticed that the two adults had began closing in on another pod just ahead of them.

A powerful tail lob was sighted as the same individual as before asserted dominance towards the other pod and we move over to join with them. The pods were on edge today and it was interesting to observe their focus on moving through the resting grounds quickly while not taking much interest in other whales in the vicinity. During these interactions it is important to respect whales that may be slightly nervous and give them the space that they need. It was rewarding to see that the trust grew between ourselves and this pod as we spent time travelling with them. Waiting for the next resurfacing we were surprised to see them surface very closely and to ensure we got the message that he was boss the dominant Humpback launched into another tail lob which seemed to be his go-to language for the day! Swimming alongside us at a much more relaxed pace they had found what they were looking for, a perfect spot in the resting grounds. Leaving them to settle in we wished for a relaxing afternoon ahead for these lovely two whales and their unique personalities.

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