The Bremer Bay Orca Experience

The Bremer Bay Orca Experience is an opportunity to meet one of the wonders of the animal kingdom as today the Orca were successful in yet another Beaked Whale hunt. A steady easterly breeze ruffled the surface and created perfect conditions for the soaring Albatross, Shearwaters and Gannets who kept busy on the search for the Orca. Arriving in The Patch we met Lucy and her family as they began to surf the swell and cover ground efficiently. Bow riding and wake riding with these apex predators is always incredibly thrilling as they display perfect precision and power in every move they make around the Steep Point. The family surged a long way and closed in the distance between themselves and our second family pod for the day as Queen soon showed why Lucy had been so interested in this area.

Gathering together in tight formation we watched on as a cloud of seabirds formed as Queen released that all familiar fluke slap which indicated that morning tea was ready. The family had made a successful Beaked Whale kill and it appeared that the impact had been made below the surface this time as the unfortunate Beaked Whale was only a juvenile and easier for the Orca to capture midwater. A steady oil slick began to form around them as the meal preparation began with the excitable calves chasing each other through the swell and towards Nanna Queen ready for their part of the meal to be served. The family feasted together and were extremely happy as the reward for their foraging was enjoyed by all involved in the hunt. A commotion began to move towards us as we watched a mother and calf begin to breach their way towards the feeding Orca. Sensational to observe Orca breaching in the wild and see that sense of freedom and excitement flow through their movement as the little one did all she could to copy mum.

It was wonderful to see members of Hermes and her family now arriving on scene with a dramatic entrance of breaching and surging towards the location. Young male BB was so excited to see us as he raced towards the Steep Point and practically glued himself to us for the next hour of interactions. He is such a charming and charismatic young Orca with those intelligent eyes looking straight back our way, mesmerising to say the least! The family was relaxed with the elders of the pod happily allowing the calves to enjoy some playtime with wrestling and GoPro investigations. Happily drifting with the youngsters we found ourselves feeling very much that we had Joined The Pod on another magnificent day aboard the Bremer Bay Orca Experience. A perfect day was completed with some Sea Lion time as the local Bottlenose Dolphins surfed alongside us all the way back towards the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour.

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