The Bremer Killer Whale Patch

The Bremer Killer Whale Patch was once again providing the wonderful opportunity to see Orca in the wild as within 15 minutes of arriving the recognisable exhalation of an Orca was sighted. Approaching the area gently, we noticed the elegant profile of the Orca’s dorsal fins  break the surface just in front of us as twelve individuals glided to the surface. A peaceful morning it was with lovely conditions and the Orca were matching the same energy as they calmly travelled together but something seemed to have their interest just up ahead. A powerful exhalation erupted and the enormous shape of a male Sperm Whale surfaced to our starboard side.

It was a very exciting moment to watch two top predators swim past each other and the Orca gave a respectful distance to the largest toothed predator in the planet as Mr Sperm Whale calmly replenished oxygen in preparation for his next dive. The Orca were very interested as they slowed down and crept past the Sperm Whale, listening in for any confirmation of successful hunting as they continued to move further along. It was lovely to spend time with this family pod who we have not seen since February and they are all looking very well.  A second Sperm Whale was sighted again just as the Orca began to push back towards the Bremer Killer Whale Patch as the Orca hung around while he was at the surface. During this time a beautiful Sunfish appeared right on our bow before quickly moving away from the Orca, not wanting to take any chances.

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