The Call of the Whale

The call of the whale can take many forms, today’s example saw mothers teaching their calves the Language of the Whales™ in spectacular fashion. Big female whales were breaching and pec slapping to call the males into the area and hopefully, like hailing a cab, the male will escort the mother and new 2020 calf all the way to Antarctica. The breaching is the louder of the calls and then the repetitive pec slapping is generally the friendly lighter language as the female introduces herself and her new calf to the male with much social activity amongst the newly joined pod.

The northern migration sees the female release a hormone into the water to also attract the males when looking for a mate, similar to a perfume this can increase the energy of many whales to compete for her attention which is definitely not what she wants when a calf is with her so it is thought there is a lack of this hormone release when attracting males for an escort during the southern migration when the focus is on protection rather than a suitable mate.

Today’s tour displayed 6 pod’s of mother and calves as they all attracted attention to themselves with breaching and pec slapping but only one mother and calf was successful in attracting a male. Indeed some mother and calves are just looking for other mother and calves to travel together as they follow the sun to the south. The call of the Whale is what attracts many whale watchers and in todays northerly wind the call travelled far and wide to the delight of our guests and crew. So depending upon which way the wind blows, you too can follow the sun and witness the Call of the Whale with Whale Watch Western Australia.

Male escort who was both an Orca attack survivor and ship strike survivor. Bearing the scars to tell us about the challenges he has faced during an extraordinary life, a very special whale.

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