The Divine Orca

The Divine Orca of the Bremer Bay population is the wonderful Chrissy who to our guests delight came into the vessel time and time again, so close you could reach out and touch her. A slight breeze had the Shearwaters and Albatross very happy today as they soared high in search of food opportunities below and it didn’t take long for them to find something of interest. Pilot Whales charged towards our bow, they were moving in on The Patch and came right towards our bow before diving beautifully. The birds continued to move forward as we noticed the distinctive blows of Orca ahead with an oil slick glistening on the surface, they had made a successful kill of squid. The rest of her family pod were also here with big male Banjo having grown so much since our last sighting of him in Season 2020 with his handsome dorsal fin growing even taller. A lone NZ Fur Seal surprised everyone as she floated calmly as the family pod moved past, a fantastic insight into the diet of this particular pod as they ignored the Fur Seal and instead continued on with their day. 

Soon after arriving our day with Chrissy began as suddenly she appeared right next to us, excitedly exhaling. Chrissy has been named in honour of Australian rock and roll legend Christina Amphlett with her energy, enthusiasm and immense character reflecting in this beautiful, wild Orca. Chrissy checked out every inch of the vessel including the propellors that are above the hull, an interesting insight to their mindset and something that most cetaceans do with our vessel. Frolicking and breaching in our wake as we slowly moved to the west on what turned out to be a wonderful day with our beautiful Orca. The intense curiosity Chrissy showed towards us throughout today was incredibly special to connect with, eye to eye with these wonders of our world. She truely is the Divine Orca of Bremer Bay and a treasured friend of our family Pod.

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