The Humpback Pec Slap

The Humpback pec slap is an amazing behaviour to witness and today we watched on as a large female Humpback pec slapped her way towards us as she showed off! Our morning began with Humpback pods all around us and the beautiful conditions made for perfect spotting weather. The pods surrounded us and surfaced close by as we got to know two of the individuals. One was an Orca attack survivor and his wounds had healed over time. Still, the damage to his fluke and peduncle could be sighted and it was an amazing recovery for this whale. He was travelling with a friend and it wasn’t too long before surface activity began to erupt all around us with so many whales in the one area.

A young Humpback calf started off the conversation as he breached a few times and then one of the Humpbacks just a few meters in front of us leapt high into a beautiful breach and landed with a mighty splash! The other pods continued on with the conversation as a large adult female began  the Humpback pec slap over and over again. She was very flirty and made her way over to us, pec slapping as she went until she was almost within reaching distance. Pec slapping is a welcoming behaviour indicating this female was looking for company on the way south, during mating season the female does this to bring the males in and at the same time releasing a hormone into the water ,much like a perfume, to attract the males who in turn compete for her in what is known as a competition pod. The Language of the Whales™ is a wonderful language to learn, the rewards were on full display today as this lady had our guests enthralled. A beautiful day spent with the company of beautiful whales as we witnessed incredible surface activity.

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