The Language Of The Whales

The Language Of The Whales™️ was displayed perfectly today as Humpback Whales communicated towards each other in the pristine waters off Hillarys Boat Harbour. A calm, warm and peaceful day was enjoyed as our first sighting was of a precious calf swimming calmly with mother whale. Keeping away from the vessel traffic further towards Rottnest Island, it was interesting to observe how the female would carefully guide her calf to the safe areas before settling down in a favourite resting spot. Commotion on the horizon indicated the reason for the mother/calf pod keeping a relaxed and low profile. Approaching the area tall blows scattered across the horizon as multiple pods began to converge as the conversations started.

A gathering of so many pods is the perfect opportunity to observe The Language Of The Whales™️ as the need to communicate is strong. Surface activity erupted with breaching and tail slapping but the most preferred behaviour today was the spectacular pectoral fin slap. Lifting high above the surface and then crashing back down, this friendly behaviour could be sighted amongst the three seperate pods surrounding us as tall pectorals took on the appearance of lighthouses. A social pod of five stretched out in the calm conditions and during this time a curious head popped above the surface, it was a large Loggerhead Turtle! Seeming oblivious to the commotion of whales all around the Loggerhead relaxed and looked over our way curiously. A perfect day with the company of spectacular whales, a cruising Loggerhead Turtle and beautiful conditions.

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