The Magnificent Seven at Augusta Boat Harbour

The Humpback Whales were so close to the Augusta Boat Harbour today that you could easily see them from the shore, but not quite as close as when they were playing right underneath our bow! During both our morning and afternoon experiences we met happy, friendly Humpback Whales who came in to investigate and play. We had the magnificent seven this morning as six juveniles and one large adult joined together as a super pod of seven which cruised through the bay and only meters away from the Augusta Boat Harbour. Later on in the morning we met a few larger adults who were more focused on competition rather than play as they peduncle slapped and came in close to investigate.

Moments after leaving the Augusta Boat Harbour in the early afternoon two misty blows led us towards another two friendly juveniles. They were incredibly relaxed as the young female practiced flirtatious behaviour with pec slaps and belly rolls. We noticed the local pod of Bottlenose Dolphins slowly moving towards these two whales and waited patiently to see if they would join together for a social interaction which is rarely sighted.

Sure enough, after making a gentle approach the ten Bottlenose Dolphins and two Humpback Whales were twisting, rolling and chasing each other. They then made a beeline for us and it was incredible to have them right underneath our feet looking back up at us. The female began to roll and show us her belly as we drifted with them barely a stones throw from the Augusta Boat Harbour. To add another unique moment to our afternoon a large male Humpback moved past us and he was the most amazing looking individual with one half of his body dark grey and the other almost pure white!

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