The Oceans Rembrandt’s

The Oceans Rembrandt’s are completely priceless, so precious that the world wouldn’t be the same without them… we are talking about our Orca and cetaceans of course! Journeying to the canyon this morning we were greeted in the most spectacular way as  little Stormy and her family approached our vessel and swam directly towards our bow. A very special good morning for what was set to be an exciting day as three different family pods totalling 40+ Orca socialised and hunted in the canyon grounds. Noosa and Urkel were once again travelling with their family and it was spectacular to watch as they worked together in a marching line to cover more ground as they foraged through the area. Earlier in the morning two large oil slicks had been sighted and it appeared that everyone had a good feed, a short morning relax moved into a busy afternoon of foraging and working the area. All three separate family groups were working together in a way as Queen, Flapper and Stormy were sighted throughout the day interacting with different individuals with little Stormy even sighted swimming alongside El Notcho and Swirl for a short time. perfect conditions were also highlighted with sightings of local Bottlenose Dolphins and an enormous male NZ Fur Seal who was having an early morning sleep in on our journey to the canyon.

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