The Queens Day

The Queens Day today as flowers were spread in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth and Humpback Whales filled the sighting grounds. A beautiful spring morning welcomed us after a few days of rain and wind as we departed to the sighting grounds. Looking through the grounds a tall blow on our starboard side appeared and we slowed to see what type of pod we had. One of the Humpback Whales was a boisterous calf who had the most beautiful fluke markings and dark features. Launching into some tail lobbing was good practice as the little one travelled alongside mother whale and a third Humpback surfaced amongst them. The male escort was relaxed as he travelled with the family pod and made the young calf look even smaller with his towering frame. The trio were relaxed and enjoying themselves in the resting grounds as other pods began to move into the area.

A couple of powerful breaches erupted as two pods converged and a bit of vessel traffic around the area created some surface activity amongst the whales. Communicating to all around, breaching and fluke slapping is often used to announce their presence in that particular area. The pods were moving through the grounds efficiently and it was great to see a mix of different age groups with all whales looking tired after a big swim to get to this point. Today is the Queens Day of remembrance and just before departing we took a few moments to remember what a most remarkable woman Queen Elizabeth was and thank ou to all of our Pod Members onboard for joining us in releasing yellow and white flowers for her today. Yellow for the happy smile she always had and white for the peace and stability she ensured during her reign. Thank you Ma’am

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