The Rising Stars of Western Australia Whale Watching

The rising stars of Western Australia Whale Watching were seen today as spectacular breaching filled Flinders Bay with the Language of the Whales™ and the largest population of Humpback Whales in the world showed everyone why they are the stars of Western Australia. During our morning experience we met over thirty whales who surrounded our vessel with curious approaches, incredible double breaching and a competition pod of three who were spy hopping and competing in circles around us. The local Bottlenose Dolphins were also enjoying the interaction with numerous pods in conditions so calm we could easily see the baitfish swimming below the surface.

The afternoon was just as beautiful with calm, warm conditions that made it very hard to believe we are currently in winter! Three separate pods caught our attention and as we watched carefully as another pod approached we could feel the energy levels increasing amongst the individuals. Suddenly, all whales surged towards each other and we had eight whales interacting and diving underneath our vessel. The young white bellied male seemed to be pushed away from the female he was travelling with and she continued to be chased by the other males. Seemingly in frustration at the loss of his female, the young male launched into the air with full bodied breaching and continued to repeatedly breach for 30 minutes! The rising stars of Western Australia Whale Watching joined in with the conversation and over a dozen pods around us continued to breach, pec slap, tail lob and head lunge to the beat of the Language of the Whales™.

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