The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos cruised through the waters off the Perth coastline today as three lovely yearling Humpback Whales made the most of their holiday time. During this transition of winter into spring the whales are relaxed and ready to begin their journey south back towards Antarctica. The energy amongst them is often curious and as they relax in the resting grounds our arrival often gets their interest and more often than not they will approach to investigate. Gannets were busy feeding along the distinctive tideline today and as they foraged we could see three tall blows to our starboard side. Approaching this pod we noticed they were very young and looked to be only yearlings at no more then 7-9 meters in length. The three amigos were swimming as one and being so young it is normal for these yearlings to seek the company of similarly aged whales.

Safety in numbers by travelling together and it is always a much more enjoyable road trip when done with friends as these three whales were showing us today. It took some time to build trust with these youngsters which is to be expected as they came closer and closer with interest growing during each surfacing. Eventually they surfaced from right underneath us as all three came in for a closer look. Excited exhales could be heard as the now confident yearlings swam around us to investigate the Steep Point and everyone onboard. A second pod further away and out to our port side launched into a few tail lobs as they cleared out the area around them with a tanker approaching their location. A warship was also sighted today powerfully moving out to deeper water and everyday now is starting to feel more and more like spring as we see the last of the winters days this week.

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