The Western Australian Southern Humpback Migration

Cruising out from beautiful Fremantle we could see breaching and peduncle slapping off in the distance against Rottnest Island and once we arrived we could see what all the commotion was about, a young calf and his mum were defending their spot on the coast! Close by was a yearling Humpback and two adults who started moving towards us with a little bit of speed. Soon enough the two adults had caught up to the yearling and all three raced past our bow.

One of the adults looked to be a large female and as the yearling and second adult whale pushed and jostled it certainly looked like a couple of boys trying to impress the lady. Thankfully for the older male the yearling didn’t cause too much trouble amongst the pod with his cheeky behaviour as the female led her male escort away and headed off towards Rottnest Island. Many of these young adults and yearlings do not need to stay along our coast for too long when resting, they generally move down the coast rather quickly.

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