Things To Do In Fremantle

Things to do in Fremantle during September to November must include meeting the incredible Humpback Whale migration which is the largest in the world. Every year we depart daily during September to November as we meet members of the Humpback Whale population as they make their annual migration back towards Antarctica. Currently we have mothers with their new calves heading south and it is an exciting time of the year to be meeting members of the next generation. The little ones are adorable and full of life as every moment of their day is an opportunity to explore their big blue backyard. The ever nurturing and protective mother whales introduce their calves to the waters off Fremantle and teach them the importance of these resting grounds. Today we spent time with multiple mum and calf pods as they stretched out and enjoyed some time resting.

One of the calves was extremely curious as mum gently guided her calf towards our bow for a closer look as the little one wiggled about at the surface. A second calf not far away began to tail lob and breach landing with a loud thud and creating much white water. It was very special to see that this calf was an Orca attack survivor as the fresh wounds were clearly visible. The dorsal fin had nearly been completely bitten away and there we deep incision wounds along the peduncle and fluke of the young calf, typical areas for the Orca to target. Incredibly the youngster had escaped and will heal quickly in the months to come. A challenging situation to face at such a young age but it will hold this calf in good stead and build a confidence that he can overcome anything including our oceans apex predators! Things to do in Fremantle include a visit to the Fremantle Markets, Army Museum of Western Australia, Maritime Museum and of course meeting our wonderful Humpback Whales.

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