Three Humpbacks Visit Perth

Four Humpback Whales approached our vessel today and our first sighting of them was of big pectoral slaps, almost as if they were waving us over! Four became three as the smallest one shuffled over to a small fishing vessel to show off while the three remaining whales seemed fascinated by everyone onboard and it wasn’t long before we were surrounded and amazed by spy hopping, tail swiping, trumpeting and of course many whale kisses.

Having three whales together made this pod a little bit more competitive than others and we could certainly feel the different energy level lift at certain times when one whale came a bit too close towards another and a trumpet exhalation or gentle tail swipe would follow… boys will be boys! They seemed so relaxed and happy with playful gestures and one of them even did a big pec slap right on our bow as he communicated not only with us but also the two other whales in the pod.

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