Toddy’s Pod

Toddy’s Pod was sighted on a beautiful morning as we enjoyed the company of these special Orca as they made their way along well worn Orca trails. It was a beautiful morning and as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour the local Bottlenose Dolphins came over to say good morning. It was beautiful to see these locals enjoying the picture perfect conditions as they forged for their breakfast amongst the shoreline. Soon after arriving in The Patch the call went out, Orca were just up ahead. It was exciting to see as they approached us curiously, this was a pod we had spent some time with on Australia Day. Big male Toddy and the girls all cruised past us and as we Joined The Pod they began to surge towards the west, slicing through the calm conditions with ease.

Toddy’s Pod moved further out to the south-west as two females and a male joined with us, leaving the rest of their family pod following Toddy. Eventually our lovely three Orca moved back towards their family and rejoined them as the calves raced around, excited to see their family members back. Toddy and his family pod were just ahead and we joined with them as they continued in cruise control for the rest of their afternoon. Surfacing with perfect symmetry, the family pod were relaxed and welcoming of our company. They eventually moved further to the west and began to forage with the focus shifting from travelling from one feeding ground to the next, back into finding food mode. The family worked together and we wished them well for a successful afternoon as we enjoyed our champagne on the  cruise back home, cheers to our beautiful Orca of Bremer Bay.

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