Tokyo Olympics 2020

Thank you to the people of Japan for courageously hosting the Olympics, the land of the rising sun brought the light of hope and inspiration to all who had the privilege of watching the games.

The games reminded us of the importance of persistence, resilience and to never give up. The journey our Olympians face is never easy and often filled with heartache and sacrifice. Perhaps Tokyo Olympics 2020 will remain one of the greatest of all time and truely one of the most importance. The world watched as their hometown heroes gave their everything and tears of joy instead of sadness were shed for the first time in a long time for many families. 

Children and adults alike were able to excitedly wake each morning and support athletes from many different sporting codes, the day ahead filled with excitement and hope of achievements that would be made. The power of sport brought communities, neighbours and nations together while teaching a culture of respect and good sportsmanship to all. 

Sport is part of the fabric of society and brings people together with an aim and focus of achieving an objective. The road to success is never easy and it takes a team of family members, coaches, friends and volunteers. Sport requires honesty, dedication and discipline with true success being the result of how much hard work you put in. Sport brings out the best in people and we are so proud of our athletes for representing their nation so magnificently.

To all of our Olympians, you are an inspiration to us all and thank you for standing in the gap and bringing Australians together, rekindling the spirit of Australia and mateship that lives in us all.