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September - December

Hillarys Whale Watching is one of the best locations in Western Australia to see the largest Humpback Whale migration on the planet aboard Australia's #1 Whale Watch Experience.

Hillary’s is a stunning beachside suburb of Western Australia and one of the best places to go whale watching. During the months of September to December Hillary’s is host to the largest migration of Humpback Whales in the world as over forty five thousand whales migrate south towards Antarctica. The sheltered waters found off the coastline from Hillary’s provides the ideal resting grounds as Humpback Whales congregate to socialise and recoup. Spending their time relaxing, resting and nurturing their newborn calves in these pristine waters provides an ideal Whale Watch opportunity during the spring with the Humpback Whales of Western Australia.

Whale Watch Western Australia is the only dedicated whale watch operator departing daily from Hillarys and provides the only 100% lifetime sighting guarantee. Hillarys departures are also onboard our brand new, state of the art vessel purposely designed to ensure a completely immersive and educational whale watch experience.

Whale Watch 1 is specifically designed and dedicated to whale watch experiences, providing a less intrusive vessel to allow for respectful observation of the wildlife we interact with daily.

Whale Watch 1-2

Whale Watch 1

Designed by one of Australia’s leading naval architects and with specifications from our Whale Watch family, Whale Watch 1 is born to elevate your whale watch experience to an elite level and immerse you in the world of the whales. 

Hillarys Whale Watch

Whale Watch Theatre

A completely immersive and educational experience as we tune in to the live audio of the ocean below with hydrophones while our twin screens provide a live feed of underwater interactions. Data collection is completed onboard every tour to further our research programs.

Spy Hop Whale Watch Western Australia

100% Lifetime Sighting Guarantee

Onboard all tours we provide a 100% lifetime sighting guarantee. The whales of Western Australia are incredibly consistent but in the unlikely event that no whales are sighted you will be able to join us again free of charge. Your return trip has no expiry date and is completely transferable to family or friends if required.

Whale Watch family Pod

Whale Watch Family Pod

Whale Watch Western Australia is part of the Whale Watch family pod, the only family owned and operated company providing our guests with the opportunity to Whale Watch Australia wide. Our core family unit continues to enjoy the privilege of spending our lives on the ocean and providing world class cetacean education and viewing for our guests every day.

How to Prepare For Your Experience:

Tour Information:


Hillary's Service Wharf
Hillary's Boat Harbour
91 Southside Drive

Departure point for our Hillary’s tours is from the service wharf located on the boardwalk at the end of Southside Drive with free parking available.

The service wharf jetty is located in front of the AQWA building. 

Take in the sights of Hillary’s Boat Harbour and experience the ultimate Whale Watch experience right here in Perth, Western Australia.