Travelling Aunties

The Language of the Southern Right Whales is a bit different from the Humpbacks and one of these very special differences is the Aunties. Currently arriving along our coastline are the heavily pregnant female Southern Rights who will often have a travelling companion who is also female and may or may not be pregnant herself. The Aunty is responsible for protecting the pregnant female in labor and also during the birthing process, busily keeping sharks away during this very vulnerable time for mother and newborn.


The female Southern Right Whale who was in labor yesterday was again sighted this morning, but this time she had an Aunty with her! This is very special to see both large whales calmly resting in Flinders Bay and patiently waiting for that moment baby whale is born. She was still tail sailing again today and we can only hope as the hours go on she has a successful delivery and a much safer one thanks to her new companion.