Troublesome Eight

Two competition pods sighted today, one on our morning tour and one on our afternoon. The afternoon pod was full of energy as eight huge Humpbacks moved out of Flinders Bay and had us watching carefully as they all surfaced at once creating a lot of excitement to see so many Humpbacks moving together! The usual hustle and bustle was sighted as the boys tried to establish dominance within the pod with one male in particular performing 6 powerful Peduncle Slaps which certainly sent a message to the other whales.

Before we left them to continue their journey north we managed to capture a few amazing photos of our Humpbacks and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse from a slightly different angle, from outside the bay you can see the incredible reef break in the background! Birdlife was also busy today with plenty of Gannets, Albatross, Crested Terns and Cormorants feeding away and diving from greats heights to capture their dinner.

ID Log
Date – 18.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 24 . 76 Long – 115 . 13 . 69
Notes – Very large individual, old rope scarring from dorsal to rostrum