Twice The Fun

The magnificent Flinders Bay in Augusta held a big surprise for us today, once again! This morning we sighted Humpbacks within moments of leaving the harbour and after watching this pod for a while we noticed them moving towards another whale before suddenly changing direction and moving away… but why? We then spotted the unmistakable back of a Southern Right Whale gazing at us and could see the Humpbacks were not too keen on introducing themselves to this sleeping female Southern Right.

She was keeping a mother and calf Southern Right company and how exciting it has been to meet the very first babies for season 2017! They are so tiny and only a few days old, exploring this very new world and staying close to mum even though already they are amazingly curious towards their surrounds. The Humpbacks made sure the Southern Rights didn’t get all the attention today with spy hopping, peduncle slap, competition pod and two very curious adults enjoying spending some time with us today. A true privilege to sight both baleen whale species in one day and that is one of many reasons why Augusta is such a special place.