Uncle Bob

Who will you find not too far away from the Busselton Jetty? Uncle Bob of course! This young male Southern Right was so excited to have someone who he could show off his handsome looks too and we were certainly feeling very loved today by Bob☺️ Tail and pec slapping, pec rolling and balancing upside down for prolonged periods were all part of Bob’s moves and he was such a gorgeous character that we couldn’t help but fall in love!

Although more common to sight Humpback whales this time of season, we still have many Southern Rights who have visited Geographe Bay and Bob was all on his own and looking for someone to impress. Hopefully he will find a lovely female Southern Right but today he was making sure he isn’t losing any of his charm while he waits. Being only young he will be waiting for any opportunity to meet and mate with an available female Southern Right he finds in Geographe Bay and until that moment he will have to be very patient and enjoy the views of the Busselton Jetty.

A pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were sighted on this mornings tour surfing the swell with Antarctic Skuas also keeping us entertained with their cheeky approaches towards everyone on the bow.

ID Log
Date – 10.9.16
Species – Southern Right
Lat – 33 . 55. 53 Long – 115 . 19 . 64
Nickname – Uncle Bob
Notes – Young male Southern Right close to Busselton Jetty