Unique Whale Watching Experience

Unique Whale Watching experience can be enjoyed onboard our brand new vessel Whale Watch 1 with her inaugural season in Augusta providing incredible interactions already. Purposely designed to provide a unique whale watching experience she is the newest Whale Watch vessel operating in Western Australia and the whales of WA seem to enjoy her as much as we do! A quiet and low profile ensures we are able to immerse ourselves into the whales environment and Join The Pod as they go about their day. During both our morning and afternoon departures today the whales were relaxed with our company and allowed us to join with them providing an insight into their daily activities and many decisions they make on the huge migration north.

Our morning whales were easy going and had migration on their mind as our first pod navigated through the abalone farm and towards the distant reef line. Happy to allow us to travel with them we enjoyed cruising side by side gaining ground towards the exit point of Finders Bay. A further two pods were resting in the middle of the bay and only had a short time to do so as a competitive pod began to form. A total of five big, boisterous whales were chasing after each other with a flirty pec slap encouraging the interactions amongst the adult whales.

The afternoon was a change of pace as we met with two migrating adults moving past the entrance of the Augusta Boat Harbour. Wishing them well we moved towards a juvenile who had some beans and was busy tail lobbing right across the bay. Repeating the spectacular behaviour over and over this youngster was aiming to find a friend. The other pods were numerous but already travelling as two, these other whales were not so interested in the approaching juvenile.

The tail lobs continued as two enormous adults became defensive with the approaching younger Humpback and put on an incredible display before moving into the coast. Yet another pod further ahead were also tail slapping and tail lobbing as they joined and become social as they moved our way. Surfacing right alongside us it was incredible to hear the power in those excitable exhales that trumpeted as they chased after one another.

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