Up Close and Personal Whale Encounters | Augusta

Up close and personal whale encounters in Augusta onboard Whale Watch Western Australia was the rhythm of today with whales so close we were counting the barnacles on their bumpy rostrums! Breeding age males and females have been filling Flinders Bay with much competitive energy and by making the correct and respectful approach we have had the privilege of joining these pods. Females were racing underneath and around our vessel today as they tried to slow the boys down who were following very close on their fluke. One particular female was not pleased with a couple of the males who kept approaching her belly from underneath which resulted in a big tail lob just meters from our port side!

That message was heard loud and clear by the cheeky males who responded by giving this female a little more space. Two large, white bellied Humpbacks stole the show this morning and again this afternoon with their close approaches right underneath our feet and their predominantly white bodies glowed a luminescent, turquoise blue as they gracefully moved around our vessel during their investigations and socialising.   The local pod of Bottlenose Dolphins also made their appearance along with a local Australian Sea-Lion who was spotted by one of our guests who had very quick eyes! Another magnificent day with up close and personal whale encounters in Augusta.

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