UWA Presentation with WA Naturalist’s Club

Thank you to the WA Naturalist’s Club for the opportunity to speak at the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre at the University of Western Australia. A lovely evening discussing the whales of Western Australia and the incredible coastline we have. It is always exciting to see everyones passion towards whales and the fascination we have with the intricate details of their lives. Learning the Language of the Whales™ is the perfect way to better understand why the whales are migrating, feeding and raising their young along Western Australia’s coastline and the importance we play in their lives. The WA Naturalists’s Club has joined us for first hand experiences with the Whales of Western Australia and it was wonderful to share stories of the Bremer Canyon and the now world famous Orca who feed there, the enormous Perth Canyon and equally enormous visitors the Blue Whales along with our epic Humpback Whale migration and endangered  Southern Right Whales.

Western Australia is one of very few places in the world you can whale watch all year with the constant company of whales through every month and with each new season a different cetacean species can be sighted. Understanding the whales means we are better able to protect the populations of cetaceans we have along our coastline and educate our friends and family, spreading the whale word! We are looking forward to future discussions and thank you to everyone who shared their evening with Whale Watch Western Australia, it was a pleasure to spend some time discussing whales with you and showing you the amazing lives of WA Whales.