Visiting the Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Visiting the Bremer Bay Killer Whales during January to early April is a fantastic time to meet these apex predators as they enjoy foraging in The Patch. The winds were set to ease throughout the morning as we made our way out towards the sighting grounds with soaring Shearwaters guiding the way. Shortly after arriving the distinctive blows and dorsal fins of foraging Orca were observed as we joined with Cookie and her family along with Orca calf Poppy and mum Rosemary. Echo and Cooee were also tagging along as they came over to say good morning and settled into a lovely rhythm of search mode. Swimming alongside us and covering ground efficiently they completed a few sweeps through The Patch as they made sure nothing went unnoticed.

Prey was not easily available and on their journey out of the area it seemed they may have been tracking something but if it was prey it soon appeared to evade them. Settling back into search mode the family now moved out to deeper water as they continued to methodically search for their next meal. Today was a great example as to the hard work the Orca need to put into each and everyday to secure their meal. Some days are good fishing and today was one of the more challenging days for the Orca but we are sure they would find something soon. Disciplined and focused foraging results in success for the Orca as they teach this skillset and work ethic to the young calves within the family pod. Wishing them well and for success later in the afternoon or evening we made our wayback towards the coastline on a beautiful summers afternoon in Bremer as we caught up with sleepy boy Bruce the Australian Sea Lion who was loving his afternoon of basking in the sun!

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