WA Humpback Highway

WA Humpback Highway was flowing today as pod after pod shuffled past Rottnest Island on a busy path south. Breaching first captured our attention to begin with and as we approached the area pods began to pop up all around us. The first pods we met were showing signs of wanting to keep a low profile and as we looked ahead we could see why. Head lunging and tail lobs were taking place as three pods began to get a bit too close to each other and a whale convergence was taking place. Watching carefully we all jumped as two whales surfaced to our starboard and were quickly followed by two whales to our port, we were surrounded! 

The pod to our starboard were agitated as the second pod was moving towards them, an enormous tail lob was performed by one of the individuals only a few meters from our bow. The resulting splash seemed to do the trick as the pod to our port got the message and began to move further away. It was quiet for a few moments when shouts went out from our stern, the two Humpbacks were now approaching us to investigate. Racing in towards the stern excitedly they then proceeded to swim alongside and underneath us as they investigated. Busy morning on the WA Humpback Highway as we start to see the flow of southbound whales increase.

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