Wandering Orca

Wandering Orca spread out in The Patch today as they foraged amongst soaring Wandering Albatross and a bright blue sky. It was a lovely day to head out and scanning carefully it was only a few moments after arriving in the sighting grounds the call of Orca went out around the boat. It was Alki and her family pod including handsome male Nani wo has grown so much over the last two years. It seemed like only yesterday Nani started to sprout and now he is a strong young male maturing quickly as he happily travels alongside his family pod. Alki had set her family a steady pace of search and forage this morning as they moved consistently through a small area of The Patch. It was great to see them all working together and the fantastic symmetry that they all have as even little Grace is keeping up with the foraging workload. 

Food seems to be light on the ground at the moment with the Orca needing to work extra hard in their foraging to secure each meal. The persistence of these apex predators is vital to their survival, if they stop looking then the entire family will go hungry. Instead they continue on as all pod members work together to ensure they increase every opportunity possible to put themselves in the right place at the right time should a decent sized squid or Beaked Whale swim past. Queen and Cookie were also foraging in  The Patch today as they too spread out the grid search in hopes of securing a large meal. It was also a great day for the birds today with a steady easterly providing the perfect gliding conditions as at one stage we had four Wandering Albatross soaring above the wandering Orca in these pristine waters just off the coast of Bremer Bay. 

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