WA’s Best Whale Watching Tour

WA’s Best Whale Watching tour during the winter months as we sight the essence of the northern Humpback migration and all of the powerful energy that comes with the competition pod. Today we had multiple competition pods surging around us as a familiar male we have not sighted since 2020 appeared to our delight. A distinctive fluke appeared amongst the white water with the unmistakable pattern of a male Humpback Whale we met in Season 2020 and named Vinny Van Gogh after the incredible artist as his fluke is truly a work of art. You never know if you will meet a whale again so to reunite with this handsome boy was very special, he is looking fantastic and full of beans as he chased after the girls today! During the morning we had a total of three competition pods at one point consisting of over twelve whales as they rumbled through the bay.

Eventually one competition pod remained as they charged to the eastern side of the bay with the female ahead and seeing if the males would keep up. Travelling at 18 kilometres per hour it was an exhilarating sight as they launched themselves forward sending white water flying. One of the males rose skywards before sinking into a powerful reversal to block the male behind him who had to veer sharply to the right. All unfolding in front of us and we felt very fortunate to witness such action amongst these powerful whales as they displayed what the northern migration is all about for these breeding age male and females looking to make the most of their breeding season. Wishing them well we were very excited to know that Vinny is doing so well and hope to see him on his return journey back south in the spring, until then we will be keeping our eyes peeled for this most stunning Humpback Whale.

Vinny – June 2022
Vinny – June 2020

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