WA’s Best Whale Watching

Morning Tour

WA’s Best Whale Watching with the marvellous Humpback Whales of Australia as we met playful Humpback calves today. It was a beautiful morning and it wasn’t long before we found a pod stretching out in the sunshine and enjoying the conditions. It was two mothers with their calves and the little ones were enjoying some playtime much to our delight. Twisting, rolling and showing off to each other it was a joy to observe these youngsters having a wonderful time interacting together. All four whales made their way over to us and came in for a very close look as they investigated the Steep Point.

Local Bottlenose Dolphin Ranger arrived and swam straight over to the calves for some playtime and they were absolutely thrilled to have a new playmate as they both enthusiastically chased after Ranger. It was a while later before they separated to have some rest time as we gently moved away to join another mother and calf. Gently swimming over to us both mother and calf had a very close look which was lovely to meet another  little Humpback Whale family pod. A beautiful start to our day and a fantastic morning to enjoy some of WA’s best whale watching.

Afternoon Tour

The afternoon sea breeze caused a stir amongst the pods in the sighting grounds as mothers and calves communicated towards each other. Breaching, pec slapping and tail lobbing unfolded as we approached and recognised one of the mother and calf pods from this morning. They were calling out to another pod who began to approach them as both pods joined and began moving further into the resting grounds. The energy they had noticed was further pods that also began to breach and tail lob as a young calf practiced the Language of the Whales.

Surfacing right on our bow the little one was having a feed of milk after a few practice breaches and head lunges in the afternoon sunshine. A further mother and calf could be sighted just ahead and after a few powerful tail lobs from her we could soon see the reason why. Two enormous bachelor males had arrived in the sighting grounds and were on the lookout for the ladies. The mother whale read the play though and quickly moved past our bow and out to our port side which caused the bachelor males to lose track of her and carry on with their search.

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