Watching Humpbacks Whale Watch WA

Watching Humpbacks with Whale Watch WA is always a fascinating journey as we observe the Language of the Whales and explain exactly what is taking place. Today was another amazing day to watch our whales survive and make this migration matter as they continued the long and steady process back down the coastline. Antarctica is calling and it wont be too much longer now until these whales will have their first meal in over 4.5 months! Our first interaction was with a beautiful and curious mother and calf pod who were just cruising through the resting grounds and looking for the perfect place. In between searching they would swim over to investigate us before continuing on, the young calf even enjoyed a quick feed. 

It didn’t take too long before they found that perfect place and we let them continue on with their relaxing morning. The second pod we met was a bit of a surprise, not another eating mother and calf but a very focused escort pod. The female and her male escort were calmly moving through the area and cruising at 4-8 kilometres per hour with a surfacing every 4-5 minutes. They were swimming side by side showing wonderful symmetry as we joined in with the rhythm of the migration. Watching Humpbacks with Whale Watch is a fantastic to way to learn more about WA Humpback Whales and the epic migration that takes place off our coastlines. We also enjoyed a quick visit from our much loved Hiccups the Bottlenose Dolphin. He surprised everyone by showing off right next to Sardine Jetty as he was busily looking for breakfast!

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