Watching Orca

Watching Orca is a fascinating opportunity to witness their intelligence and strong family bonds. Today we first met with  Pod B-Slice as the mothers and calves cruised calmly through the Bremer Canyon with a faint oil slick lingering on the surface, this successful pod had enjoyed another meal less than 12 hours from the last. El Notcho and his family arrived and began to hunt with an oil slick surfacing after a good 45 minutes of consistent hunting and foraging. Suddenly El Notcho spun around and began to surge at pace, leaving his family far behind him. We looked up ahead to see what had his attention when a whole line of Orca surfaced three hundred meters up ahead.

EL Notcho was completely focused and began to surge, lifting his whole body above the swell and showing off his immense size. Looking carefully ahead we could make out certain members of the pod including two large males known as Bear and Elvis. It was very exciting to see this pod as they have not been sighted since last season and they all looked very well, the two males had skyrocketed in size! El Notcho was fervent of catching up with this pod and eventually his family caught up with him and they raged to close the distance after a long time chasing. For a little while both family pods cruised side by side with only 50 meters between them as we marvelled at the uniqueness of these three mature males and the incredible sight of 20+ Orca swimming as one.

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