We Stand with Ukraine

Today was an incredible day with the Orca of Bremer Bay who erupted in breaching and determined energy as they surged to the west. The last week has experienced strong winds and we have waited patiently for the worst of the weather to pass and today were greeted by lovely conditions. Light winds and a rolling swell guided us out to The Patch as we began our search and scanned the feeding grounds for any signs of activity. It was peaceful to start but not for long as Queen and her family pod began to surge quickly to the west and with incredible pace. Reaching top speeds of thirty kilometres an hour the energy went up another notch as while travelling at that speed they began to launch themselves through the swell and were completely airborne! It was brilliant to see such athleticism amongst all members of the family as they made the most of the big, slow rolling swell to pickup momentum and surf the waves.

Queen would continue to fluke slap as she communicated to her family members as forty Pilot Whales surged in towards the Orca. Holding their ground the Orca regrouped and in a matter of moments we could see more and more Orca moving into the area. It was fantastic to see well over fifty Orca gathered and in such playful, social behaviour as pods intermingled together. Apex predators they are but at their core family, teamwork and their Orca community is most important to them and is the reason for the success of each family pod.

Our thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Ukraine over the previous days and days yet ahead. The peace we enjoy in Australia and the freedoms we have should never be taken for granted. The resilience and strength of the people of Ukraine and all those who have gathered around them to help in any way they can is inspirational. We will continue to stand with Ukraine always and know that it is the flame of one candle that can light millions more, Ukraine is that light and inspiration for the world to follow and support. #WeStandWithUkraine 

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