Weather in Bremer Canyon

Weather in Bremer Canyon is an important part of your experience when visiting the Orca of the Bremer Canyon. The Southern Ocean is a beautiful place and during the time of year we visit the canyon we can enjoy some lovely conditions. Orca have been sighted in all weather conditions and windier days certainly do not improve your chances of sighting them or seeing increased surface activity. Like any wildlife, activity and surface behaviour is dependent on what is happening at that point in time in the environment. The benefits of travelling in suitable conditions are an increase in sighting visibility, vessel manoeuvrability and most importantly your safety and comfort!

Orca can travel up to 60 kilometres per hour and when there is strong wind or large swell it is hazardous for a vessel to follow them safely and timely. The Orca of the Bremer Canyon are constantly feeding and when we sight this behaviour regular changes in direction are necessary to keep up with their prey. The manoeuvrability of the vessel then becomes very difficult to safely change direction with the Orca. Visibility decreases as the small blow of Orca quickly disperses with a strong wind and any surface activity, unless very close, becomes difficult to separate from the white caps.

The marine environment we work in must be respected at all times, we have a duty of care to our guests. We will not depart during strong wind warnings or when conditions are forecast to reach 20+ knots unless these are offshore winds. Allowing 2 to 3 days when planning your experience is ideal as we will advise of any changes in the weather in Bremer Canyon. Preparation with motion sickness medication is always recommended if you are susceptible or have not had much experience on the water. Speak to your Doctor, however we have learn’t over the years to take the medication the night before to get it into your system and then again on the morning with a light breakfast gets the best results. To take them as you are boarding the vessel or at the time of sickness does not result in favourable outcomes. Please speak with your health care professional for the latest products and information.

Our clients generally come a long way and spend considerable funds on witnessing this extraordinary experience so please don’t let weather conditions dilute the time you spend with the Orca’s of Bremer Canyon.