Weekend Whale Watching

Fremantle Tour

Weekend Whale Watching at its finest with perfect weather conditions and curious Humpback Whales on both our Fremantle and Hillarys departures today. The morning was clear blue skies with hardly a breeze as we departed Sardine Jetty in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour to make our way out to the sightings grounds. A long pectoral fin landed with a splash and we could see a social pod of five whales were moving through the resting grounds. Curious, happy and cheeky all five whales were twisting and rolling around each other as they moved towards our vessel the Steep Point. Spy hopping is such a beautiful behaviour and there were plenty of spy hops amongst these whales as they cruised towards Rottnest Island in-between social interactions. Later on in the morning a further pod of three older whales arrived and were very excited as they joined the others enthusiastically. A fantastic morning to enjoy some weekend whale watching in the pristine waters that run along the Perth coastline.

Hillarys Tour

Departing the Hillarys Boat Harbour aboard the Whale Watch 1 the afternoon was just as lovely as the morning with a calm sea and warm sunshine. Our first pod was a lovely pod of two Humpback Whales who swam directly over to investigate the Whale Watch 1 with much interest. The pod was relaxed and moving through the resting grounds but we could see further whales moving towards them which caused the male in this pod to become a little agitated. Tail lobs and fluke slapping followed as he directed his dominance towards the approaching pod in spectacular fashion. Luckily for him the approaching whales were certainly more interested in us as they swam straight towards the stern before moving around to our bow within meters and with intense curiosity. It was truely remarkable to be so close to wild whales and see their wonderful curiosity towards the Whale Watch 1. A beautiful weekend whale watching to enjoy and great to observe more pods moving through over the last few days and we look forward to seeing further adult whales continuing their journey southbound.

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