Weekend Whale Watching

Weekend Whale Watching was enjoyed as we departed Sardine Jetty in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour aboard the Steep Point. A light breeze ruffled the waters surface and indicated the stronger winds that were forecast later this afternoon. A mother Humpback Whale and her young calf were moving quickly through the resting grounds and it appeared she was on a mission as she swam directly towards us. The little one was curious and kept a keen eye on us as they dived and moved underneath our bow while we waited and watched carefully for the next resurfacing. Continuing onwards on our port side we could see this lovely mother whale focused on moving steadily deeper into the resting grounds and indicated she was a possible new arrival to the area.

Finding the perfect spot to rest with incoming adverse weather in the afternoon is an important part of their migration. Females will locate suitable areas that are sheltered to ensure their calves can rest and feed easily during their time in the resting grounds. Weekend whale watching off Fremantle during November is always a wonderful time of the year to meet the last of the mums and bubs heading south. Four to six months since their last meal the mother whales are low on energy reserves and in need of a decent meal of Antarctic Krill very soon. Thankfully that meal is only a few weeks away as the last of the mums and calves continue their southbound journey. It is always a joy to see such healthy calves enjoying time here off the Perth coastline and meeting the newest members of Western Australia’s Humpback Whale family.

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