Welcome Season 2016!!!

Today was a very special day… it was the start of our 2016 Whale Watching Season! Our beautiful whales welcomed us with open “pectoral fins” and what a pleasure it was to be in their company once again.

Our very first encounter was with a young juvenile Humpback who was very interested in meeting us but first he had to make sure we understood to be respectful of his space by performing an incredible peduncle lob before he surfaced for a closer look just off our bow. Juvenile Humpback whales are wonderful to spend time with as they put into practice everything they have learnt from their mother and mix this with the enormous curiosity they have for investigating new experiences and of course showing off!

Our very first competition pod of the season was also sighted a bit further into our trip as four much larger Humpbacks twisted and turned, trying to out manoeuvre each other and a little bit of contact was made as the large males swiped their incredibly long pectoral fins at each other trying to show that they are the strongest and wisest, only the best will do for our very particular female Humpbacks!