West Australian Cetaceans Showtime

Fremantle Whale Watch

West Australian Cetaceans showtime as we observed spectacular, exhilarating surface activity as the Language of the Whales was on wondrous display on both our morning and afternoon tours today. Our morning was calm as we moved out to the sighting grounds and came across four mother and calf pods quietly resting. One pod in particular caught our eye as we noticed the young calf wriggling around at the surface playfully as they moved gently towards another pod just ahead. The mother and calf noticed their approach and launched into powerful breaching and pec slapping to assert their dominance. It was truely incredible to see this magnificent display by both mother and calf as they worked together and sent a strong message to all other pods. 

Three more mother and calf pods were converging just behind us and that was when our second calf began to breach and head lunge continuously. Moving straight towards us the little one entertained us all with such wonderful breaching that we almost missed the local Bottlenose Dolphins. A busy morning for them which had resulted in a fish being chased at the surface as they swam quickly and trapped their meal close to the surface. Smiles all round for the dolphins as they enjoyed lunch and playful tenderised their meal by flinging it across the surface before sharing amongst pod members. A fantastic start to our West Australian Cetacean showtime day as the calves continued their high energy into the early afternoon.

Hillarys Whale Watch

The afternoon sea breeze started early as it ruffled the oceans surface but certainly wasn’t going to deter the calves from playtime. Our first youngster was already breaching away as we arrived with full body breaching, head lunging and tail lobs flying. It was a perfect afternoon for the youngsters as with a few white caps around it allowed for them to make a bit more noise without being noticed as easily. The mother whale joined in with a powerful tail lob and fluke slapping to encourage her calf as they took some time before settling into rest mode. It was at this time our second calf for the afternoon decided it was his time to shine and began what would be over ninety minutes of non stop surface activity.

Breaching over and over the youngster was full of energy and excitement as each breach got higher. Launching with the swell the little one got some fantastic hang time and we could see that gorgeous eye looking straight back towards us each time with much curiosity. Head lunging followed and we could see how the calf was filling his mouth with water and allowing it to fly free as his lower jaw crashed back down onto the oceans surface. Every breach and head lunge was just as exciting as the first and it was absolutely wonderful to see such a healthy, happy calf full of energy and enthusiasm for life. The Humpback Whales we meet are all very special in their own unique ways and today was a most wonderful opportunity to meet and see so many of the next generation coming through as the calves show us why they are the stars of the show.

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