West Australian Whale Watching

West Australian whale watching in winter is a unique opportunity to witness the largest migration of Humpbacks on the planet moving north to their breeding and calving grounds. The rain disappeared just as we began to depart the Augusta Boat Harbour which provided us with a good view of Flinders Bay and straight away the call went out, whales up ahead. Two young juveniles were resting quietly together and we spent some time with them while continuing to scan through the bay. Surface activity just up ahead captured our attention and we slowly started to make our way towards this area which was developing some energy. Seven pods of Humpback Whales had started to converge and we were excited to see some energy amongst them all.

A huge tail lob launched to our starboard side and we watched carefully as they continued before this big wale began some tail slapping. Firstly some solid big tail slaps which landed with a thud on the surface before rolling over with belly pointing to the sky and continuing with inverted tail slapping. The reason for this Language of the Whales was another pod had begun to move towards this individual and the beautiful surface activity was the response. The rest of the pods began to move and we could see the conversations continue with further tail lobs and a few powerful breaches lighting up this small pocket of Flinders Bay. The local Bottlenose Dolphins greeted us quickly on our way back to the harbour and it was wonderful to see them looking content, the afternoon fishing must have been good. As always another fun time with West Australian whale watching with the Humpbacks of WA who never cease to amaze with their epic migration.

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