West Australian Whales Wrestling

West Australian whales wrestling in Flinders Bay today as exhilarating competition pods kept us busy in the morning and afternoon. Escort pods greeted us first as they began the steady and focused swim towards the reef line, many dozens of pods could be sighted throughout the entire bay. The beginning of a competition pod was forming as four Humpback Whales surged together with much intensity and surrounded our vessel. The female led them on a high speed chase through the bay as the males jostled for the position alongside her. All of the commotion did not go unnoticed as another challenger approached and up ahead two whales began double breaching which was simply spectacular! The comp pod and their energy was rubbing off on the pods around them and the surface display was powerful and efficient in its communication.

The afternoon was similar in energy to begin with as relaxed escort pods moved to the reef line and we enjoyed watching their steady pace and calm movements. It was then an increase in intensity as breaching in the middle of the bay extended with head lunging amongst the pods. The perfect way to complete the afternoon began quickly as five Humpbacks began to move towards each other and within moments a competition pod had formed. It was West Australian whales wrestling as the males lifted each other up on their backs powerfully, only meters from the bow and extraordinary to witness. They shuffled amongst each other and swam around in circles chasing, surging and wrestling to see who was the smartest and the strongest. A wonderful visit from the Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins and even a cheeky Fur Seal darting across the bow made for some wonderful viewing on a winters day in Augusta, Western Australia.

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