West Coast Whale Watching

Fremantle Whale Watch

West Coast Whale Watching from Fremantle and Hillarys today as during the morning we met the most curious yearling and our afternoon was spent with some boisterous adults. It was a wonderful Sunday morning with glassy conditions escorting us out to the sighting grounds and we could observe multiple pods very quietly moving through the resting grounds. It was interesting to see these Humpback Whales maintaining a low profile and could indicate possible Orca activity off of Rottnest Island when similar behaviour has been observed in the past.

One youngster in particular was very curious towards us and began to approach with much interest. Surfacing right on our bow a powerful exhale let everyone know that this yearling had arrived and was ready for some social interaction and curious investigation. Circling us incredibly closely this lovely young whale would have a good look and then disappear directly underneath us before surfacing right alongside a short time later. A beautiful example of how patience is a virtue when working with any wildlife and trust built with such a lovely young Humpback Whale.

Hillarys Whale Watch

The afternoon was just as nice with a gentle breeze ruffling the surface as we departed the Hillarys Boat Harbour. Arriving in the sighting grounds we could see multiple pods gathering and as we approached one pod in particular was trumpeting loudly. It was three bachelor males all keeping close to a female as they followed her carefully in the calm conditions. Plenty of very loud exhalations known as trumpeting could be heard as the excitement of this pod continued. She decided to launch into a big breach and follow up with inverted fluke slapping and pec slapping to keep the males interested. A further bachelor male approached after hearing all of the commotion and the five whales began to mingle before three moved out into the sunset together. West coast whale watching is always much fun during the spring as we meet these social and curious pods making their way through the resting grounds and enjoying their time.

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