Western Australia Dolphins

Western Australia Dolphins can be found along our coastline with today sighting an enormous feeding frenzy as hundreds of birds fed on a giant school of pilchards as three different dolphin species joined in on the feast. A beautiful autumn day as calm seas and light winds made fo a mesmerising journey towards the Perth Canyon. The only distraction was a distant cloud of birds on the horizon and as we approached tiny tuffs of white water could be sighted. Dolphins were porpoising at pace as the ocean exploded to life amongst the calm conditions as the surface buzzed with the rippling effect of thousands of pilchards. Gannets plummeted like bullets into the giant school of fish as Shearwaters and Albatross danced across the surface trying to capture their meal. The offshore Bottlenose Dolphins had much energy as they raced around the school of fish entrapping them closer to the oceans surface as the tornado of birds followed them everywhere.

There was well over one hundred individuals spread over a vast area including young calves enjoying learning the best way to hunt alongside their mums on mothers day. Later in the afternoon we were thrilled to see that all the feeding had caused a commotion which had now attracted the attention of two different species, Common Dolphins and Striped Dolphins. The numbers of dolphins had exploded and as far as the eye could see small groups of feeding individuals could be sighted as 300-500 individuals had now joined the feeding frenzy. Rafts of birds could be seen floating on the surface, with bellies full of fish they were now content to rest for a while as the next wave of birds took over. Western Australia Dolphins are beautiful to see in the wild and today we were split with three different species all working and feeding together. Full bellies meant that many of the dolphins were now in a playful mood as they socialised amongst each other and enjoyed swimming with us for a while as we were completed surrounded by Western Australia Dolphins.

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