Western Australia Killer Whales

Western Australia Killer Whales were showing off again today as they surfed our bow and displayed their inner dolphin spirit on the surge to the west. Arriving in The Patch we could see a cloud of Shearwaters and Albatross soaring quickly and just like a rocket Chalky came flying past our bow. It was a replica moment of yesterday morning as he took off to the west with others quickly following. It didn’t take long before the entire family pod was pushing to the west and we found ourselves surrounded by Killer Whales. All pod members were in a playful mood as they surfed our bow and our wake coming within meters mimicking the agile behaviour we often see from the much smaller dolphin species. B-Slice and his family arrived on scene and joined in with the surfing session much to our Pod Members delight onboard.

The family eventually regrouped and began pushing back up towards The Patch moving into the breeze. Working hard as they pushed forwards we could see the Killer Whales divert as a pod of 50-80 Pilot Whales charged towards us in a hurry. Pushing past the Killer Whales and continuing to the west is appeared the Pilot Whales were on a squid hunting mission. Arriving back in The Patch it was Queens family pod that were most successful this morning as they secured a decent sized squid for lunch. Sharing amongst the pod the birds finally had a chance to eat after all that racing around following the Killer Whales. Our final pod for our busy day was impressive male Biggs who came over to say hello just before his family picked up pace and began to surge back down to the west to repeat the process of this morning. Western Australia Killer Whales never cease to amaze us with their incredible energy and persistence when it comes to foraging.

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