Western Australia Whale Watching

Western Australia Whale Watching with the Humpback Whales as we were spoilt this morning with picture perfect conditions and wonderful Humpbacks. A peaceful start to the morning as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and watched the resting Gannets who had finished their morning of feasting on baitfish as the local Bottlenose Dolphins ventured over to say hello. Tall blows on the horizon indicated that the whales were on the move as we joined with a lovely pod of juveniles. The two young whales were certainly in travel mode as they cruised side by side and we could feel the energy from these two cheeky youngsters. Tail slapping from a pod further away on our stern gained a quick response as one of the Humpback Whales we were with launched into an incredible full body breach only meters away. A third pod to our starboard side a few hundred meters away also responded with a powerful breach. 

The youngsters were encouraged as the Language of the Whales flowed and a few more fluke slaps and peduncle throws displayed the incredible strength these young whales have. A further pod was starting to rumble and we were excited to see four whales travelling together in the glassy conditions. Our first taste of what is to come for the northern migration ahead as some slightly boisterous behaviour amongst these adult whales indicated that they were slightly competitive. The female they were travelling looked extremely round and very pregnant as she had the three males trying their best to impressive her. A very early time of the season to be seeing pregnant females but it all depends on the individual. She will know exactly when she needs to be further north for the arrival of her calf and an early start to her migration seems to be just perfect for this female. It was a most magnificent morning for some Western Australia Whale Watching onboard the Whale Watch 1 as we soaked up some autumn sun.

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