Western Australia Whale Watching

Western Australia whale watching during July is the perfect time to visit Augusta in Australia’s South West region. Bachelor males are still rumbling through the bay during this time and females are still looking for the perfect companion for the long journey north. The result is many competition pods on a regular basis and today we enjoyed yet another heat run as it is often nicknamed. The female led the boys on a chase through the bay as they moved quickly to keep up with her the best they could. Pivoting and moving around the Steep Point she was very agile which kept the males working hard as they needed to anticipate each turn and make the right moves so as not to be left behind. Flukes were lifted high which was a perfect opportunity to collect the photo identification of each whale and add into our catalogue. 

The importance of these competition pods is to ensure strong genetics for future generations as the males have an even playing field to impress the females. It is then up to the males to work hard and try their best to gain the females attention and outcompete the other challengers in each competition pod. Generally it is only the fittest, strongest and wisest males who find their way to the head of the competition line and closest to the female. She will then choose her preferred male eventually but first makes sure they work hard for her attention which makes her decision making process that little bit easier. Everyday is a busy day for the Humpback Whales as their epic migration unfolds over four to six months. It is nearing the last month of the northern migration as soon we will start to see the first of the southbound whales. Reaching the halfway point of the season is a huge accomplishment for all of the migrating whales but there is still many weeks to go and we are looking forward to every day ahead!

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