Western Australia Whales in the Sound Footprint

Female Humpbacks and their calves were hanging out in the most popular place to be this Tuesday morning in Western Australia as they disappeared in the sound footprint created by reef and ships just off the coast of Fremantle. We enjoyed watching seven mother and calf pods all up to something different which included playing in seaweed, practicing peduncle slaps and coming over to say hello to everyone onboard with one young female calf showing everyone her big belly as she rolled over just under our bow.

The natural curiosity of our Humpbacks always shines through and with so many different personalties out there it was special today to meet not only the more reserved mums but also the outrageously fun! We also had Ralph the local male Bottlenose Dolphin who is very much the bachelor and seems to spend most of his time in one particular area but always makes sure to come over and do some bow riding with us whenever he can.

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