Western Australian Southern Right Whales

The beautiful winter afternoon conditions were perfect for Western Australian Southern right Whale viewing as we sighted the dark pectoral fins breaking the waters surface in the nursery ground. The mothers and calves were playing together as we notice more and more of the mothers regularly using the “enough milk” position with belly and pectoral fins pointing to the sky. The calves grow bigger and more confident as they get older and start demanding more food from mum, but her resting position is the perfect way to deter too many meals for the cheeky calves. The little ones are just like sponges and we have noticed recently they have also started practicing belly and pectoral fins to the sky with very good attempts made but not quite as graceful as their mum!

One of the juvenile Southern Right Whales who have been sticking close to the mothers and calves was having a good roll and rumble today, she was so incredibly close to the beach we were wondering if she was having a good scratch on the sand below or perhaps enjoying some body surfing. Two large adults were sighted further off the coastline and we instantly recognised the large female and younger male from the courtship pod sighted over a week ago. Fascinating to re-sight these two (who were originally three but the larger male was no where to be seen) and they still seemed happy with each others company with the male carefully following the female around. These two have now been together for close on two weeks which is a very long courtship timeframe and we learn so much from these types of sightings. Two adult Humpbacks were cruising through the abalone farm and the male Bottlenose Dolphins are still hanging around Flinders Bay and enjoyed some bow riding today.

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