Western Australian Whale Watching

Western Australian Whale Watching is always full of surprises and today was no exception as we sighted competition pods, Sunny the Humpback Calf and Stacka the Southern Right Whale calf along with Bottlenose Dolphins and surface activity. Our morning started with the high intensity of six male Humpbacks competing after a female with speed and one male in particular showing his strength. Lifting his head many times above the surface he would slam his lower jaw down onto the surface creating a large splash and noise to deter the challenging males. Bubble veils, inflated throat pleats and reversals which is a behaviour where the individual will lift their body up and forward before sinking backwards again were all sighted amongst these boisterous males.

The Southern Right Whales were also enjoying their time today as Stacka decided to practice some fluke slapping for his Saturday morning activities. Little Sunny Flynn the Humpback calf was sighted this morning and again this afternoon as his mum seemed to be moving around Flinders Bay trying to find a suitable resting place for them both. The afternoon was filled with many whales in the bay as they continued their migration with some surface activity amongst two pods displaying a great example of the Language of the Whales™ a the pod further ahead tail lobbed to prevent the attention of the two adults travelling alongside us. They didn’t change their directions of movement and to display that they also wanted to move into that area the big white bellied male showed us a magnificent tail lob and fluke slap as he communicated to the pod further ahead and conversation was finished! Another fantastic Saturday enjoying Western Australian Whale Watching in Augusta.

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